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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Media / Photo Requests
    If you have a media or photography request please email Please note we do not accept day of show requests. All requests need to be turned in a week before the event. State the following information in your email: artist, venue, date of the event you are requesting access to what publication you work for Your contact information and any links to your photos or publication ​ All photographer requests are approved upon full access to use your photos on our website or social media. Please email a link to your photos to after the event & include your info for credit.
  • How do we get our act or band booked with you?
    A lot of artists chose their own support and tour with a full line up in place. However, in some cases on the smaller club level there are options to add a local act. If you are interested, please email and include information about your act, how established you are & the level of venue you are aspiring to be booked at. Due to the high volume of requests we are unable to answer them all. We will only reach out if there is an option on the event you inquire about.
  • How do we get a refund?
    We do not handle refunds direct. Please reach out to the ticketing company of where you purchased your tickets.
  • What is allowed to be brought inside a venue?
    We work with a variety of venues on many different scales of capacity. If you have questions about what items can be brought to a specific show (bags, purses, etc) please reach out to the venue direct.
  • What are the Covid policies for a particular show?
    Every show is different right now. It varies by tour, by venue and location of the event. Please refer to the venue's website for information or call the venue direct to inquire about a specific show.
  • Will you represent my band?
    We do not represent artists directly. We work with talent agents, who represent artists on their end, to book their artists and produce the event.
  • Can I hire you to help market my event or product?
    We do not market outside events other than the events we work on to book in house. That includes ad placement and flyering.
  • Can we pay for an opening slot for a show?
    Mammoth does not sell opening slots. If you are approached by someone purporting to represent Mammoth and offering to “sell” an opening spot, DO NOT give them money and report them to
  • Can I stop by your office?
    All visits to our office are by appointment only.
  • How do I work for Mammoth?
    We always accept applications for our promotional team which consists of our street team and digital marketing teams and we review those applications when we have positions available. These are entry level roles that do not work in our office. Please see our Join Our Team page for more information on these positions. ​We do not hire often for roles within our office, however you can always send a resume to and we will save it to review when we have positions open.
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